We are duly licensed recruiting agency in India with head quarters in Hyderabad and a full fledge office in Mumbai. We also conduct interviews all over India, with our professional expertise and total commitments to source the right people from right place at right wages.
We can be the most trusted counterpart for any international company in the Middle East as far as their manpower requirement from India is concerned.
The extra ordinary human resources available in Andhra Pradesh are earth work labor (note for their endurance, adaptability, humility and capacity for continuous hard work) qualified and experience ITI trained technicians, diploma/ degree engineers, and managers with proven records. Hotel industry, airline industry etc.     Beside that, we also have a trade test center with centralized cabin attached to our office where workers are interviewed practically as well as facing the oral interview.

 "Every organization identifies its strength with its people. They are the fuel that propels their business to success. And why not, its is this collective force that translates into success. And we saw it as a change to prove our mettle. The chance to excel."

Gubbala suryanarayana
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